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MTS Nutrition

MTS Nutrition Ruckus (25 Servings)

MTS Nutrition Ruckus (25 Servings)

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Cause a Ruckus!!!

Ruckus by MTS Nutrition is a seriously high stim pre workout made by the Machine himself, Marc Lobliner. Ruckus contains a whopping 400mg of Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate, a time released caffeine blend. So to those of you who are shaking your head at the newest high stim pre workout on the market, Ruckus sets the new and improved standard! Due to the time released blend, Ruckus provides a nice even flow of energy that will keep your intensity at a high level for longer. And the best part is no crash! Ruckus also provides the focus needed for a great mind/muscle connection needed for an intense workout session. Consider stacking with Vasky by MTS Nutrition to volumize your muscles, increase nitric oxide, and get a huge pump. The combination is insane when you combine the high energy formula of Ruckus with the pump inducing Vasky.

Take one to two scoops of Ruckus with 8 oz of water 15 minutes prior to workout. Assess tolerance by starting with ½ scoop and increase as required until you hit the maximum dosage of 2 scoops. Do not combine with other stimulant based products.

MTS Nutrition Ruckus Supplement Facts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Dorn (Appleton, US)

Preworkout that delivers great energy and focus. I have tried a lot of preworkout and this one will not disappoint. I feel stronger and this increases my lifts.

Casey Kovesdi (Idaho Falls, US)
Great preworkout.

My go-to preworkout for those mornings when I need something strong!

Ali (Glendale, US)
Solid Pre!

Ver well rounded pre workout with great pumps and focus, as well as an incredible value. Pineapple is good.

john smith (Exeter, US)
You will feel like the Hulk!

This is an amazing pre workout. Everything is perfect and there is no crash afterwards. Mood is better, Focus is better, Pumps are amazing, Energy is through the roof! If you are new to pre workouts just take half a scoop or less this stuff is awesome!!!

Great pumps, solid pre-workout

Finished off my first tub. I can say I'm hooked! Let's start out with the flavor system is on point. Compared to other pre-workouts this by far has the best flavor. No need to choke it down. Not much grit as well. Such as what you find with C4.As far as the pre workout goes. I workout @ 5am mon-fri. I need a kick every morning. This gives you some awesome energy. I time it so after my warm up cardio the pumps hit me while I lift. You can definitely feel it. Specially with arms. My biceps and forearm swell up big time. I'm a small light weight female so I do not know if everyone will feel the pumps. It did work for my husband however. He never took pre-workouts and he absolutely loved it. He was not: sick, did not have jitters, nor did he complain about a "crash". This stuff eases out of your system. I did start him with 3 grams.He did not really feel it until I upped it to 6grams. I wish it was sold with more servings per container I don't mind paying for a larger tub. As far as pre-workouts go. This is by far my favorite.

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