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Swolly is the first-of-its-kind protein amplifier for your post-workout shake. When Swolly is taken along with protein, scientific research indicates that it may:

  • Improve nitrogen retention
  • Increase Amino Acid Absorption
  • Increase BCAA, glutamine, and arginine blood levels
  • DOUBLE the power of your protein (protein synthesis)
  • Enhance protein absorption and reduce protein excretion

Boost the power of your protein with Swolly!

MTS Nutrition SWOLLY is the first of its kind. It’s an exciting new post-workout amplifier that makes everything better. This is the PERFECT add-on for an existing post-workout supplement or a standalone for those who eat food post-workout. SWOLLY is perfect for….everyone!

Put Swolly in your protein shakes. Post-workout protein and carb shakes. You can even add SWOLLY to your post-workout whole foods meal and enhance recovery and gains!

It’s truly an amazing supplement. When taken along with protein, SWOLLY has been scientifically PROVEN to:

  • Increase amino acids by 100%.
  • DOUBLE the power of your protein (protein synthesis).
  • Increase BCAA, glutamine, and arginine blood levels by 250%.
  • Improve nitrogen retention by 32%.
  • Enhance protein absorption and reduce protein excretion.

Simply add MTS SWOLLY to your post-workout shake or beverage of choice. You will experience enhanced recovery and lean mass gains - beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. It’s a game-changing product, PERIOD!

Directions For Use

As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop into your post-workout shake.

Supplement Facts

swolly suppfacts

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike (Crown Point, US)

maintains pump, great ingredients

Taylor Stein (Las Vegas, US)
Take your protein to the next level

Virtually no taste, mixes well, AND increases protein synthesis/absorption!? Game changer.

Efren Garcia (San Antonio, US)
Mts swolly

Great product! Should always make part of post workout protein/meal....try it and see for yourself

Alex Gonzalez (New Britain, US)
Swolly review

Will always be part of my stack!

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