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Muscle Elements

Muscle Elements AmiNo Flow

Muscle Elements AmiNo Flow

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the premier in AmiNo Oxide's - introducing AmiNoFlow the multi-purpose BCAA & NO support formula!

AmiNo flow is the first supplement to qualify as an Amino-Oxide: a new category combining amino acids and nitric oxide boosters. There have been similar products claiming to be a 2 in 1 Amino Acid-Nitric Oxide product, however an analysis of these formulas reveals that the Nitric Oxide claims are based on a single ingredient rather than a system of NO ingredients. This drove Muscle Elements to create a product that delivered full doses of amino acids and nitric oxide potentiators to warrant being the first authentic Amino-Oxide product on the market.

AmiNo flow’s Muscle Growth & Recovery Matrix delivers taurine and 5 grams of anti-catabolic BCAA’s at a 2:1:1 ratio to work synergistically with 3 grams of nitric oxide boosters including pure L-citrulline. AmiNo flow utilizes 2 grams of L-citrulline per serving rather than the bonded L-citrulline malate, as this form would typically only yield 50% of actual L-citrulline. In addition to L-Citrulline, AmiNo flow’s Pump & Transport System also includes agmatine sulfate, L-histidine, L-ornithine, and grape seed extract. The function of this blend is to enhance the delivery of nutrients due to the improved blood flow as indicated in AmiNo flow. This enhanced delivery in combination with BCAAs has a positive effect on protein synthesis. Fluid balance and hydration are maintained from sodium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate which make up the Hydration & Endurance Complex.

One of the most exciting aspects of AmiNo flow is its versatility. It can be taken at several different times throughout the day for optimum amino acid and nitric oxide blood levels. AmiNo flow can also be utilized as a pre-workout booster by adding it your favorite pre-workout, such as PreCre. Furthermore AmiNo flow can be taken as a stand-alone pre-workout to increase nitric oxide production, exercise capacity, and of course eXplosive Pumps!

AmiNo Flow is the next step in Amino-Oxide supplementation combining muscle sparing amino acids, blood flow increasing nitric oxide components, and hydrating fuel electrolytes. Imagine an amino acid supplement that allows you to increase protein synthesis, nitric oxide, muscular endurance, muscle fullness, and recovery as well as maintain positive nitrogen balance!

Well the wait is over… AmiNo Flow is here!

Benefits of AmiNo Flow
  • Promotes recovery from exercise sessions
  • Supports muscle sparing
  • Supports muscular endurance
  • Maintains electrolyte and fluid balance
  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis
  • Promotes muscle fullness and pump
  • Supports workout performance
  • Promotes nitric oxide production

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