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MuscleForce EPI-Shred (60 Caps)

MuscleForce EPI-Shred (60 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 300mg of Epiandrosterone for Lean Muscle Growth & Maintenance
  • 200mg of 7-Keto DHEA for Cortisol Mitigation and Fat Loss
  • 200mg DHEA for Healthy Aging & Hormone Levels
Building lean muscle and maintaining it is largely influenced by the hormones in
your body. These potent, chemical messengers are what signal muscle growth, fat
loss, cortisol levels and a host of other things that dictate how you look, feel and
perform. When it comes to cutting, these hormones can be a powerful tool in
regards to ensuring that you maintain that lean muscle mass while dropping
bodyfat and that is why MuscleForce EpiShred was developed. Utilizing
Epiandrostereone for supporting lean muscle mass and recovery, 7-KETO for cortisol
mitigation and basic DHEA for optimizing testosterone levels and healthy aging, Epi
Shred is the advantage you’ve been looking for. Don’t let suboptimal hormone
levels keep you from reaching the best body possible.

Key Benefits

  • Promote Lean Muscle Growth & Maintenance
  • Mitigate Cortisol & Lower Body Fat
  • Promote Healthy Aging & Hormone Balance

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