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MuscleForce Obedient X3

MuscleForce Obedient X3

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Product Highlights

  • Featuring 6g Citrulline for Optimal Nitric Oxide Production
  • 30mg of Noopept for Nootropic Powered Focus & Drive
  • Enhanced Natural Hydration with Coconut Water Powder
MuscleForce Obedient X3 was formulated to be the counterpart to the world of high stimulant pre-workouts. In a world ran by caffeine centric products, Obedient X3 took another approach with the inclusion of focal enhancement agents and nootropics to lock you into your next workout with laser-sharp focus without the use of stimulants. Featuring 30mg of the famed nootropic, Noopept, Obedient X3 allows you to enhance your favorite pre-workout or even be used as a standalone product for dominating your workout while taking a break from stimulants.

Key Benefits

  • Stimulant Free formula for Ultimate Versatility of Use
  • Enhanced Focus & Drive
  • Elevated Endurance & Training Capacity
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