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Muscletech Amino Build Next Gen Energized

Muscletech Amino Build Next Gen Energized

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Performance Enhancing BCAA

  • Boost in Energy & Focus
  • Strength Enhancing
  • Build Muscle

Amino Build Next Gen Energized is not just your regular BCAA product. It’s so much more than that. Not only does this product feature your classic 2:1:1, but it also has ingredients geared toward enhancing mental focus, increasing strength and building muscle, keeping you hydrated and now added caffeine for energy!

500mg of Taurine is going to help enhance mental focus, while 1.25g of betaine is going to increase strength and allow you to build muscle as well. A 300mg electrolyte blend will keep your body hydrated and replenished to get it through even the toughest of workouts, and now, 50mg of caffeine will add another little boost to keep you energized! As you can see, this isn’t just your ordinary BCAA, it’s so much more.

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