Muscletech Black Onyx Amino Max

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Product Highlights

  • Unique, Triple-Dosed Leucine in Potent 2:1:1 Ratio
  • Enhanced with 150mg elevATP for Increased Strength & Power Output
  • Electrolytes Included for Hydration Promotion
While you may have used amino acid supplements before, when is the last time you used one that brings you more than ‘just’ an amino acid supplement? MuscleTech Black Onyx Amino Max takes the amino acids that you have come to know and applied today’s modern science to enhance it’s performance. Featuring a whopping 4g of leucine in the research supported 2:1:1 ratio and enhanced with 150mg of the novel elevATP, Black Onyx Amino Max is the evolution of amino acid supplements as you know them. If you’re looking to take your recovery, muscle growth and power output to new levels, Black Onyx is the scientific way to achieve it through a novel approach to amino acids.

Key Benefits

  • Promote Lean Muscle Retention
  • Enhance Muscle Growth & Performance
  • Amplify Strength & Power Output

Customer Reviews

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HMick (Champaign, US)

I tried this in a free sample I recieved. It's aminos so not much to say here. Tastes good and fits the bill. Maybe if I tried over a longer period I could sight specific benefits over others, but I only had it the one time so far. Possible will grab a tube the next time I am in need though.

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