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Eric Stewart (Austin, US)
This stuff is for real!

Almost from the first dose, I could see an increase in my endurance during cardio. My lactic acid buildup has decreased greatly, so I'm able to squeeze out more reps, or increase the weight in some sets while resistance training.

David Koch (Wakefield, US)
Muscletech Peak SX-7 Review

This is a very straight-forward product that I purchased to add Peak-ATP to my pre-workout supplements. I had seen several product spotlights talking about the benefits of Peak ATP and as none of my pre-workouts contained this ingredient, simply taking a few capsules prior to my workout allowed me to very easily add this into my stack. Almost immediately, I noticed a little more strength/endurance in the gym and I felt like this product was absolutely delivering on what it was promising to do. My time to exhaustion while training was the biggest benefit that I noticed as a lot of my workouts are higher reps. By being able to push out a few additional reps for each exercise, I felt like my workouts were being enhanced and that this was a product that was worth the investment.

John James Joseph (Lincolnton, US)
Not Sure of The Effects

This si the first time I've used the product, and I am unsure of the overall effects and gains. I will say that I have experienced a bit more endurance during my workout. I would like to r this product over another 30 day period and provide a follow up.

Obadiah Payton (Marion, US)
Great preworkout Pill

Incredible boost in both endurance and strength during the most grueling of workouts.

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