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Mutant Creakong (300g)

Mutant Creakong (300g)

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Creatine is a tride and true supplement backed by several research studies of producing better performance. Mutant Creakong is the total solution creatine supplement you need in your supplement stack. A blend of the best three creatine sources on the planet, you're doing yourself a favor by increasing power, performance, and intensity with Creakong.

The sources of creatine in Creakong all are backed by human studies showing an increase in lean muscle mass, elevated strength, and higher performance. No fillers, no BS, you're getting straight creatine that will work for your body to produce results.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium multi-creatine blend that helps build muscle and strength
  • 3 creatine sources backed by research
  • No fillers, no bull

Mutant Creakong


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