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MyoBlox CONTRA (56 Caps)

MyoBlox CONTRA (56 Caps)

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Whether on cycle or just looking to harden up, MyoBlox has you covered with Contra. Contra is a novel aromatase inhibitor and cortisol suppressing agent that will seriously change the way your body looks. Elevated estrogen levels, high cortisol levels from intense training, these two hormones are naturally present in the body and when elevated can really do some damage. A softer and bloated looking physique and weaker performance and both very common when estrogen and cortisol are higher in the body. Any excess calories will be more prone to being stored as belly fat and hinders your progress. This is very common naturally in people as well as people that run supplements that can elevate those hormones.

This is where Contra steps in. Being a very strong aromatase inhibitor, Contra will reduce those levels of harmful estrogen metabolites and cortisol circulating in the both. The result will be a healthy balance of testosterone to support your gains and you’ll be stronger and perform better. You’ll get the appearance of a leaner and harder physique and be able to use the added calories towards muscle gains and not fat storage.

Product Highlights

  • Aromatase inhibitor
  • Strength gains
  • Muscle hardener
  • Suppress cortisol
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