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MyoBlox ILLA

MyoBlox ILLA

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MyoBlox is setting the bar higher in the amino acid market with Illa. Illa is an ultra-premium formula with fermented quality and amazing taste. What really sets Illa apart is the addition of Humanofort, which is a bioactive peptide not found in other amino acid supplements. In addition, glutamine, HICA, and electrolytes from the world leader in mineral innovation, Albion, can be found in Illa to deliver one of the best all-around formulas on the market.

Speedy recovery, keeping hydrated and maintaining muscle fullness are all very important keys in order to build and maintain high level performance. Illa delivers on all of these fronts. Made up of no calories and no dyes, Illa is one of the more pure BCAA supplements you’ll find on the market. Being peptide infused means amino’s will be absorbed at the fastest rate possible which will elevate performance allowing you to push the limits of your workout.

Backed by three amazing flavors

  • Shark Snack
  • Sour Gummy
  • Candy Bomb

Product Highlights

  • Rapid recovery
  • Muscle hydration
  • Muscle fullness
  • Build muscle

Ingredient Breakdown

  • Fermented BCAA’s
    • L-Leucine - The most anabolic of all branch chain amino acids that stimulates insulin release and promotes anabolism. The only amino acid that can trigger protein synthesis in correct doses.
    • L-Isoleucine – Works synergistically with L-Leucine and increases glucose uptake in cells via GLUT-4.
    • L-Valine - Competes with tryptophan in the brain to offset fatigue and help repair.
  • Humanofort – A bioactive peptide that enhances absorption, uptake, and functionality of BCAA’s.
  • Glutamine - Essential for protein synthesis and is one of the essential amino acids. Glutamine levels drop during training which cause a decrease in stamina, recovery, and strength.
  • Hydroxyisocaproic Acid (HICA) – Metabolite of leucine that has anti-catabolic properties and is an anabolic agent in increasing lean mass. Reduces acid building in the muscle.

Supplement Facts

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