NFP Labs Unbreakable BCAAs

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NFP Labs Unbreakable BCAA’s

Amino acids are what make up all proteins. They are the building blocks or protein and what makes up all muscle. In order to build and support more muscle we need to fuel or muscles with exactly they are made from. Fuel your muscles with Unbreakable BCAAs by NFP Labs!

4:1:1 Ratio: This ratio of Leucine, isoleucine, to valine provides an excellent source of muscle building amino acids. This is a unique ratio that provides a greater amount of Leucine. (The anabolic trigger) The stimulation of protein synthesis is a key role in muscle growth provided by Leucine and other amino acids. These amino acids also create a great energy source. Amino acids are more efficient that consuming just protein because they are absorbed by the body almost immediately.

Vitamin B6: Increases metabolism of protein and increases energy.

Glutamine: This aids in health of the immune system, digestive tract, and muscles. Glutamine sources can become deficient with intense training. Glutamine helps to keep levels normal and prevent muscle loss. Recovery is also improved with glutamine supplementation.

  • Increase energy!
  • Recover faster!
  • Build more muscle!
  • Great taste!

NFP Labs Unbreakable BCAAs Supplement Facts

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