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NTel Nutra

NTel Nutra AREZ SUPER スーパー


Product Highlights

  • Featuring 6g Water-Pump NOX for Enhanced Vasodilation and Pumps
  • 1g Peak02 and 3.2g Beta Alanine for Elevated Training Capacity & Endurance
  • God-Like Energy Fueled by GBBgo, Infinergy & Nelumbo nucifera
There’s a difference getting ready to go and just ‘work out’ vs getting ready for an
all out war on the weights. Arez God of the Gym is one of the hardest hitting and
thorough formulas on the market that is designed to address every area of
emphasis and prepare you to train and perform like never before. Insane pumps
fueled by the new Water-Pump NOX and SUPRA-THORN no only give you that crazy ‘full’ look you desire, but also enhance nutrient delivery. The Endurance blend features Peak02 and a clinical does of beta alanine for maximizing lactic acid buffering and prolonging training sessions. Energy and focus comes in strong with the inclusion of Infinergy and GBBgo leading the charge and focus is further
enhanced by CholinACE and L-tyrosine. From the application of the war paint to the collection of the spoils to the victor, your training will never be the same after you try NTel Nation Arez.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Maximum Pumps & Cell Volume
  • Razor Sharp Focus & Energy Output
  • Enhanced Training Endurance & Capacity

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