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NTel Nutra

NTel Pharma AREZ God of the Gym


What happens when Gods collide?

Combined from the popular Arez Black and Arez White pre workouts comes Arez God of the Gym! A combination of the two very popular pre workouts that put NTel Nutra on the map and established them as a big up and coming brand creating hard hitting products. Arez Black and Arez White are quite different pre workouts, one being a heavy hitter in energy and the other focusing on pumps and focus. AREZ God of the gym brings us the best of both worlds in one incredible pre workout that has a formula promising to make you a true God of your gym.

God like energy followed up with mood enhancement, muscle pumps, zero crash and a unique mind to muscle connection if the promise that AREZ God of the Gym gives us. This is a pre workout that will give you a whole new perspective of pre workouts and is a “must have”.

Not only do you have caffeine for energy, Alpha GPC for focus, citrulline for pumps, but the addition of grains of paradise really makes AREZ God of the Gym a unique pre workout as grains of paradise is found in most fat burners because of its ability to increase calorie expenditure. Followed up with alpha yohimbine, AREZ God of the Gym will also lean you out and act as a fat burner by increasing thermogenesis and calorie expenditure. The addition of L-Dopa will also deliver mood enhancement which goes a long way to contributing to better performance.

While the ingredients alone make AREZ God of the Gym stand out from other pre workouts, being backed up by amazing flavoring is a major bonus. NTel Nutra has formulated Arez to be one of the best tasting pre workouts on the market and comes in four delicious flavors: Sets on the Beach, Baja Blue Wave, Rainbow Sherbert, and Bomb Sick’ll.

Product Highlights:

  • God like energy and focus
  • Mind blowing muscle pumps
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • No crash
  • Amazing flavoring

Ingredient Breakdown:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous - Caffeine has many positive effects on the body. It stimulates the central nervous system, heart, muscles and acts as both an adenosine receptor antagonist and phosphodiesterase inhibitor. By blocking adenosine receptors, caffeine can increase the release of norepinephrine and dopamine. Caffeine decreases airway resistance and stimulates respiration. Some research shows that caffeine can even decrease GABA and serotonin signaling.
  • Lotus Leaf Extract– A plant that aids in absorption and digestion will work with other ingredients to allow your body to absorb and make them more effective. Also promotes weight loss and cardiovascular health.
  • Grains of Paradise Extract– Signals the body to use body fat as fuel. Will have a stimulant effect and also cause a greater calorie burn.
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Exract - The strongest concentration stimulant we’ve ever used. Rauwolfia presents the utmost extreme in pre-workout stimulation, mood elevation, and increased metabolism.
  • Velvet Bean Extract (L-Dopa) – Precursor of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that promotes elevated mood and that “feel good” feeling.
  • Chinese Skullcap– Reduces inflammation and is a calming agent. It helps with the stimulants in a pre workout to aid is maintaining level focus and thoughts.
  • Hyper-Pump Catalyst –concisting of L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, and Niacin all work together to promote blood flow and increase Nitric Oxide production and promote a more anabolic environment for those muscle splitting, vein enhancing pumps.
  • Mind x Muscle Fusion Blend – Made up of Alpha GPC, Hordenine HCI, and Huperzine A. Hordenine is a natural MAO inhibitor, metabolism stimulant, and extreme focusing agent. This makes hordenine a stimulant of choice for Enhancing Mood, Increasing Strength, and boosting mind-muscle connection. Alpha GPC backs it up with even more mood enhancement properties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Good stuff

Not disappointed I still prefer the titanium.


best pre workout out there, it makes me do extra cardio.

Does it live up to the hype?!?

I purchased Arez after watching several reviews that said something along the lines of 'oh man is this stuff even legal?'. Whelp, it feels pretty legal to me. Dont get me wrong, it's a solid pre workout for sure. Stim factor is moderate, I'm used to a Jekyll and Hyde stack by pro sups so a scoop of this wont freak me out. The tingle factor from that beta al is pretty solid and hits fast. My first workout with arez I did feel that mood elevation. Its about a 30 minute commute to my favorite gym, I took a scoop before leaving. I did not really feel the mood improve till I was stopped on the way to my warm up cardio and a friend started talking to me. I noticed I was answering questions with fast fire intensity and grinning from ear to ear. He was looking at me like I had two heads. The rest of the workout was a hype-fest and I was loving it. Next day I hit the same full scoop and get smacked with that tingle again and feel a bit of energy but that's about it. Granted, keep in mind that I naturally adapt to substances really really fast. I wish I could feel that mood elevation again but alas after day two it became just a standard no-pump stimfest powder. Yes, it's good stuff, and yes maybe itll be more worth It for you if your body does not just instantly adapt to things. But for me personally at nearly $2 a serving, I'm not looking to up it to two scoop and one does not change my life as much as expected. I think I'm going to go back to my Jekyll and Hyde stack for the sick pumps and crazy stim feels. (Note: if your a smart shopper you can get both of those... 30 serv pre and pump inducer... for nearly the same price as this 25 serv container). Over all good blend, not for beginners.


Arez has been amazing so far, im about done with the one I order, just ordered the new titanium today super excited to try it.

It’s a decent preworkout

I bought this on sale and because I tried a free sample with my previous order. I’m not going to pretend this or any other preworkout is the be all, end all. It is ok, does the trick which is gives me a small stimulation to give me a mental cue that it’s time lift heavy stuff around and I personally like the beta alanine effect that is slightly noticeable and wears off quickly on me.