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NTel Nutra AVENGE NITRO (120 Caps)

NTel Nutra Avenge Nitro – Pump with a Purpose!

One of the few pump pre workouts that comes in capsule and is an easy ‘on the go’ supplement that promotes plenty of benefits. Stimulant free and perfect for those late night workouts or those looking to stay away from caffeine.

Establishing that “pump” during a workout is quite important in the process of building muscle. That pump is not only filling your muscles with blood forcing growth, but it’s promoting improved nutrient absorption. That pre workout meal and/or intra workout drink will be utilized much better by your body.

The pumps from Avenge Nitro are being promoted by 3 scientifically proven ingredients to enhance N.O.(nitric oxide) and blood flow.

Product Highlights

  • L-Citrulline – boosts NO production which improved blood flow and even lowers blood pressure
  • Agmatine Sulfate – promotes elevated levels of NO and provides pain relief
  • Arachidonic Acid – type of fatty acid that promotes muscle building and decreases inflammation

AVENGE NITRO Supplement Facts

avenge nitro suppfacts

Customer Reviews

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Good but....

This one is underdosed, Ntel. Add another 2-3G of L-Citrulline and you have a killer product.