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NTel Nutra

NTel Nutra VALKYRIE BURN (60 Caps)

Get shredded with NTel Pharma Valkyrie Burn

The most frustrating part of getting shredded are those stubborn areas of bodyfat, hunger, and low energy levels. NTel Pharma released Valkyrie Burn to solve those exact issues!

Valkyrie Burn promises to supply you with better energy with caffeine, mood enhancement and mental focus from the added DMHA and L-Carnitine, rid stubborn areas of bodyfat with yohimbine, and a stimulated metabolism green tea extract. It’s the complete package to add towards the end of your cut to finish the job the dieting and working out started.

Product Highlights

  • L-Carnitine HCI – boosts brain activity for better memory, mental energy, and focus
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid(CLA) – helps improve body composition, blood pressure, inflammation, insulin resistance, and combats cardiovascular disease
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – most common stimulant for an increase in energy and metabolism
  • Hoodia Chinese Extract – suppresses hunger
  • DMHA(2 Aminoisoheptane) – boosts dopamine and noradrenaline to improve energy levels and mental focus
  • Green Tea Extract – inhibits catecholamines resulting in greater energy expenditure and fat oxidation as well as boosting heart health
  • Higenamine HCI – very similar to ephedrine, activates receptors that increase heart rate leading to a higher energy expenditure and decrease in hunger
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract – increases blood circulation and decreases blood pressure
  • T2(3, 5-Diiodo L-Thyronine) – stimulates the thyroid to increase energy expenditure and can be used to treat high cholesterol

NTel Pharma VALKYRIE BURN Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

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Okay, so Ive been working out for a long time now. I used to LOVE Shredz female burner, but it got old super fast.. Now, I realize it was WEAK all along! This stuff feels like legal adderal, and makes you WORK! The added beauty blend is awesome because I can take less pills, and Im down 12 pounds in 2 bottles! My target was 10!