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NutraBio Chelated Copper 3mg (120 Caps)

NutraBio Chelated Copper 3mg (120 Caps)

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Copper is essential for the formation of healthy red blood cells. Nutrabio Chelated Copper provides 150% of the recommended daily intake of this essential mineral. This copper supplement is sourced from Albion Minerals Copper Clycinate Chelate, which is more bioavailable, more easily digested, and easier on the digestive tract than other forms of copper.

Nutrabio Chelated Copper Benefits

  • Helps form healthy red blood cells
  • Important cofactor for enzyme systems
  • Assists in synthesis of hemoglobin and collagen formation
  • Assists in energy production
  • Aids in iron metabolism
  • Protects nerve fibers

  • Directions

    Take 1 capsule daily with a meal.

    NutraBio Chelated Copper Supplement Facts

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