NutraBio Creatine HCl (180 Servings)

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Creatine HCl is fast becoming the preferred choice in creatine among athletes and bodybuilders. What are the benefits of Creatine HCl?

  • Absorbed up to 60% more efficiently than monohydrate
  • Up to 40 times more soluble in water than monohydrate
  • Does not cause water retention
  • Reduces or eliminates stomach discomfort
  • No loading phase

With all of the benfits listed above, it's no wonder that top athletes are switching from the tried and true Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine HCl contains all of the benfits of monohyrate with none of the downsides. Creatine is one of the most studied sports supplements of all time and has been shown to increase strength, performance, and muscle size when used with a sports specific training regimin.

As with all NutraBio products, NutraBio Creatine HCl contains no fillers or additives and features 100% full label disclosure. NutraBio Creatine HCl is among the purest and highest quality on the market.

Nutrabio Creatine HCl Supplement Facts

nutrabio creatine hcl supp facts

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