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NutraKey CLA 1250

NutraKey CLA 1250

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Help attack stubborn body fat with Nutrakey CLA 1250

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a modified Omega-6 essential fatty acid that you can get either through diet or supplementation. Foods such as avocados, eggs, and grass-fed beef have these essential fatty acids but supplementing with CLA for higher levels can drastically improve fat loss. CLA has been shown to support a healthy metabolism when combines with a calorie deficit and exercise and improve body composition.

Research has shown having both CLA with fish oil in your diet at a 1:1 ratio can produce promising fat loss results. Add this to improve your cut and achieve that lean body you’ve been working for.

Product Highlights:

  • Modified omega-6 essential fatty acid
  • Promote fat metabolism
  • Support lean physique

Nutrakey CLA 1250 90 Caps Supplement Facts

 Nutrakey CLA 1250 Supplement Facts
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