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Nutrakey ISO Optima

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Why choose an isolate?

Protein in itself is a weight lifters best friend, and is truly beneficial to anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because it provides us with the chains of amino acids that are essential to building muscle, as well as activating weight loss, and providing a component of recovery for our muscles as well. Whey protein products provide us with protein, but come with added carbohydrates, fats, and additional calories. Whey protein isolates, however, provide a very clean and pure form of protein. Manufacturers essentially “isolate” the protein, which means you are consuming a higher percentage of protein while cutting out unnecessary fats, carbs, and calories. Along with this, because the isolates are so pure and refined, they are extremely fast absorbing; the fast absorbing component of isolates creates for the perfect post workout drink as it allows protein to get to your muscles quicker than most products, which in turn activates the recovery process as soon as possible.

Nutrakey Iso Optima Supplement Facts

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