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Nutristat Meta-Script

Nutristat Meta-Script

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Meta Script: Meta Script is an intra workout/ any time drink that contains 6 grams of Peptopro per scoop (di and tri peptides), and 36 grams of Hydrolyzed Rice Syrup, along with Coffeeberry and naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes. This product shines out due to the carb source- a specifically sourced Hydrolyzed Rice Syrup that’s used in hospitals for Crones patients, who are depleted of hydration. Hydrolyzed Rice Syrup has been shown to carry nutrients to the cell, bypassing the gut. The end result is maximum hydration, incredible pumps without any subcutaneous bloat, and increased endurance and strength.

  • Contains naturally occurring electrolytes

  • Enhances power and strength

  • Supports longer lasting endurance

  • Provides amino transport system that triggers extreme muscle pumps

  • Allows you to keep that lean, hard look with full muscle pumps without any bloating

The elite peptide rehydration intra workout solution Meta Script

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