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Puretein is the most soluble and highest biological Whey Isolate on the market, as it’s a true Native Whey Isolate. This means unlike other forms of Whey Protein (cold filtered, CFM, etc.) that are from cheese and therefore heavily denatured and stripped of their full amino acid expression, Puretein is from the Milk and never processed after the initial low temperature pasteurization. The end result is greater solubility, higher amino acid activity, and greater anabolic and anti catabolic activity- PROVEN and studied. For example, 10 grams of Native Whey Isolate has been proven to reverse Sarcopenia. Not just halt it- but actually reverse it and elderly people actually building muscle. This is due to the Native un denatured Leucine content-This form of Leucine is very active and is a reason Puretein is adept at activating the Mtor Pathway for greater muscle protein synthesis.

  • Derived directly from the milk of grassfed cows. 
  • True native, undenatured whey from milk. This means that the amino acid content has not been corrupted and changed through processing (Most of the whey proteins on the market are "cold filtered" from cheese, which means it has been denatured). 
  • Anabolic and anti-catabolic whey which is used in medicine to treat sarcopena (the loss of muscle mass). 
  • Induces leucinemy which is increased muscle protein synthesis.
  • Has shown liver regenerative properties due to native cysteine amino content
  • Contains no cheap fillers
  • Will not make you bloat
  • The Most Studied, Proven, and Purest Whey Protein the Market Has Ever Seen

Nutristat Puretein Nutrition Facts

Puretein Label Nutristat
Puretein Chocolate 2 Lbs Nutrition FactsPuretein Chocolate 2 Lbs Nutrition Facts

Puretein Vanilla 2 Lbs Nutrition Facts
Puretein White Chocolate 2 Lbs Nutrition Facts
Puretein Cookies N Cream 2 Lbs Nutrition Facts
Puretein White Chocolate 4 Lbs Nutrition Facts
Puretein Vanilla 4 Lbs Nutrition Facts
Puretein Chocolate 4 Lbs Nutrition Facts
Puretein Cookies 4 Lbs Nutrition Facts

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