Olympus Labs Endur3

Flavor: Tropical Thunder
Size: 30 Servings
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Training with the intensity of a DemiGod means you’ll need to fuel yourself with what a DemiGod would need….

Olympus Labs formulated the perfect peri-workout supplement that’s up to the highest of standards. If you’re going to train with the intensity of a DemiGod, you need to fuel yourself with a peri-workout suited for a DemiGod.

ENDUR3 is the ultimate workout igniter for an all-out assault on the muscles. Designed to spike muscle protein synthesis to the highest of levels to result in muscle and strength gains, reduce fatigue and muscle soreness, hydrates the body and promotes blood flow for better and longer lasting pumps. This is a very strong and potent formula that will put you on that DemiGod or DemiGoddess level.

This is a streamlined version of ENDUR3 that can be used throughout the day or during resistance training. Backed up with delicious taste and BCAA’s to stimulate muscle protein synthesis that will aid in recovery. The faster you can begin recovering, the more potential you have to grow.

Perfect for before, during, or after the gym. Even great to take outside of the gym for improved recovery.

Product Highlights:

  • Maximum level of muscle protein synthesis with 7.5g InstAminos for recovery
  • Enhances endurance for longer lasting workouts
  • Reduces fatigue and soreness
  • Boosts hydration

Ingredient Breakdown:

  • 7.5 grams of InstAminos in a 4:1:1 ratio and delivering 5 grams Leucine per dose
  • 5 grams Velositol increases rates of muscle protein synthesis by 25$ according to research
  • Fatigue Destroying Matrix – 2 grams L-Glutamine, 1 gram Taurine, and 280mg VitaCherry. This combination reduces fatigue, cramping, improved endurance, and better hydration

Endur3 Supplement Facts

Olympus Labs Endur3

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
HMick (Champaign, US)
Good Stuff

I like Olympus Labs products, so gave this one a whirl. Did not disapoint. Good taste, great effects.

Rlukas107 (Hammond, US)
Great taste and performance

Will buy again!

Jeff (Saipan, MP)
It's okay

Just an okay amino.

Daniel Vazquez (Dallas, US)
Better than plain water!

Awesome taste!

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