Olympus Labs SUP3R-SHRED (60 Caps)

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Sup3r Shred is an innovative fat burner from Olympus Labs that uses Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl, a naturally occurring molecule derived from the herb Artemisia Iwayomogi (of the Asteraceae family), commonly referred to as “Haninjin,” one of the major medicinal materials used in traditional Korean medicine, which can also can be found in Korean cuisine.

Product Highlights
  • PPAR-Delta Activator
  • Increases increase skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation
  • Increases the expression of genes involved in lipid catabolism
  • Aids in Body Fat Reduction
  • Increases Stamina
  • Increases Endurance
  • Enhances Athletic Performance
  • Enhances Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
  • Improves Insulin Resistance
  • Potentially Reduces Serum Triglycerides

The recommended dosing for SUP3R-SHRED is 3 capsules (300mg) daily, with 1 capsule (100mg) taken 3 times per day before meals. Optimal cycle lengths are 30-60 days.

SUP3R-SHRED Supplement Facts

sup3r shred supplement facts

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