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Paradise Supplements

Paradise Supplements Tsunami

Paradise Supplements Tsunami

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Product Highlights

  • 4g Citrulline Malate + 50mg S7 for Enhanced Blood Flow & Pumps
  • 3.2g Beta Alanine + 1g PeakO2 for Elevated Training Capacity & Endurance
  • 350mg Total Caffeine + Huperzine + Yohimbe for Hard Hitting Energy & Focus
A storm is that will wash over you, delivering hard hitting energy and
focus, intense pumps and elevated training capacity. It’s not a hurricane that’s on
the way, but Paradise Supplements Tsunami, the hard hitting-pre designed to
address the critical areas of pre-training performance. With Tsunami, you’re
covered for every angle of what you expect in a top-tier pre: Energy & focus,
improved pumps and blood flow and enhancing your training capacity to push each
workout harder and longer than the previous. Prepare to be blown away with the
mind-blowing power of Paradise Supplements Tsunami!

Key Benefits

  • Smooth Energy & Focus
  • Amplified Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Enhanced Training Capacity & Endurance
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