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PerCoBa Colostrum Powder 250g

PerCoBa Colostrum Powder 250g

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Whether you’re a "weekend warrior" or a serious/professional athlete - you’ll appreciate the energy, stamina and endurance PerCoBa Colostrum Powder Extra Edge will give you to complete your heavy training without worry of a long recovery time. The colostrum powder promotes lean muscle mass and tissue repair for a quick recovery that will keep you on track and allow you to step up your work out more rapidly. Our PerCoBa Colostrum Powder is just that-pure colostrum.

PerCoBa Colostrum Powder Extra Edge also has the same benefits as the lozenges but can be delivered in a larger dose as an aid in gastrointestinal health. (i.e. 1 tsp of powder = 20 lozenges)

Suggested use (scoop included):
Heavy Training: 2 level scoops (800mg or 2 tsp) three times/day
Nutritional Support: 1 level scoop (400mg or 1 tsp ) twice a day
Maintenance: 1 level scoop (400mg or 1 tsp) once per day

Protein > 48.9%
Immunoglobulin > 50% of Protein
Fat > 18.9%
Lactose < 13.3%

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