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Performix Super Male T (expires 4/19)

Performix Super Male T (expires 4/19)

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Performix Super Male T is a natural testosterone enhancing supplement designed to optimize free testosterone levels to promote bigger strength gains, increase energy and endurance.  Utilizing a combination of 10 scientifically researched ingredients, Super Male T is the testosterone booster that will change everything.

Performix patented TERRA bead technology will have Super Male T coursing through your system all day to ensure a boost in testosterone production.  Testosterone will enhance your growth, speed your recovery, and optimize your metabolism.  It will change the way you feel for the better!

Super Male T is formulated with anti-aromatase optimizers that will lower estrogen production.  This means a harder and more dense looking body.  Furosap is a variation of Fenugreek that is the most bioactive on the market and proven to elevate testosterone levels better than other Fenugreek products.

Testafuranol is an extract of Tribulus which is a very popular plant extract that supports healthy testosterone production.

ZX3 is a combination of multiple types of Zinc which helps regular protein synthesis and promotes a stronger libido.

Product Highlights

  • Promotes healthy testosterone production and optimized free testosterone
  • Increase in strength and endurance
  • Elevates libido and energy

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