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PES Select Smart Mass

PES Select Smart Mass

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Product Highlights

  • 400+ Quality, Clean Calories per Serving for Lean Muscle Gain

  • 40g Premium Protein, 60g Low GI Carbs & Only 3g Fat Per Serving!

  • Maltodextrin, Added Sugar & Filler Free Formula

Traditional weight gainers were notorious for being packed with calories, and unfortunately, the regard for keeping the body lean and optimally digesting the nutrients within was an afterthought as long as the scale was moving up. PEScience Select Smart Mass is a revolutionary lean muscle, weight gaining solution packing 40g of sustained release protein, 60g of premium carbs from Palatinose and Carb10 and no added fats/sugars, this is the premium solution for mass gain. No blood sugar spiking maltodextrin or cheap fillers, Smart Mass is indeed the intelligent way of helping to increase your lean muscle mass while stacking the deck in your favor to stay lean. Rethink the way you attack lean mass gain with PEScience Select Smart Mass!

Key Benefits

  • Premium Protein Sustained Release Protein Blend

  • Palatinose & Carb10 for Premium, GI Stable Carbs

  • No Maltodextrin or Added Sugars

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