PES Symbiont-GI (90 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 16mg PepZinG Magnesium for Supporting Healthy Stomach Lining
  • 110mg BioCore Complete Probiotic for Promoting Healthy Gut Flora
  • 2B CFU Lactospore for Promoting Health of “Good” Bacteria
The gut is one of the most crucial areas of the body when it comes to optimal
function, abosorption of the food we eat and even immune system health, and if the
health of the gut gets out of check, issues can ensue quickly. That is why PEScience
Symbiont-GI was created; to optimize the balance of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut and
support high protein, carbohydrate and fat consumption in the diet that many eat to
fuel an active lifestyle. Symbiont-GI also includes the premium ingredient PepZin GI,
a chelated Zinc that aids in promoting the health of stomach lining.

Key Benefits

  • High Quality, Premium Probiotics
  • Support Optimal Gut Flora Balance
  • Promotes Health of Stomach Lining

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