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Platinum Labs

Platinum Labs Creatine (500g)

Platinum Labs Creatine (500g)

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Platinum Labs Creatine - More Pure Than Competitors

  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Increase Strength
  • Aid Recovery

Platinum labs has come out with a creatine to separate themselves from competitors by taking the micronizing process to another level. They have made the creatine molecules smaller which enables the body to digest more effectively. Because of this, their creatine product is different than most others. Supplementing your body will creatine creates for more intense, longer lasting, and more frequent workouts. Creatine supplies your fast twitch muscles with the energy needed to perform well in the gym. But creatine doesn’t just aid in your workout – it helps you recover by promoting greater gains in lean muscle mass and muscle fiber size, boosting strength and power.

Platinum Labs Creatine Supplement Facts

platinum labs creatine supplement facts
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