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Defcon1 has been described as the highest state of being both mentally and physical alert and that is precisely what you will get when you take Platinum Labs Defcon1.

Most pre workouts on the market deliver a staggering amount of stimulants that cause you to feel jittery and then crash afterwards.

Platinum Labs Defcon1 uses special brain nootropics to help you increase your focus, and intensity in the gym.

This is the world’s first “Brain boosting pre workout.” Nootropics like the ones in Platinum Labs Defcon1 has been shown to dramatically increase your brain’s cognitive ability so you can unleash that powerful “mind-muscle connection.”

Platinum labs is the first supplement company to deliver powerful Nootropics into a powerful energy boosting and muscle building pre workout blend.

Defcon1 delivers the following powerful benefits to your workout:
  • Skin tearing “nuclear pumps” is what you will get with Defcon1. Its special formula is designed to give you massive muscle pumps and Spiderman like vasodilation.
  • Boosts nitric oxide levels dramatically with a combination of nitrates and vasodilators
  • Defcon1 contains powerful strength boosting creatine HCL (rather than the cheap creatine monohydrates you get in most pre workouts)
  • Anti catabolic compounds to ensure you don’t lose muscle mass during those crazy training sessions

How to take Platinum Labs Defcon1

As a powerful pre workout supplement you should take 1 scoop of Platinum Labs Defcon1 15-30 minutes before your training session. Mix 1 scoop along with 10-16 ounces of water or your favorite sports beverage.

You can also take Defcon1 before a test, study session, or brain-storming session to unleash maximum mental focus and cognitive ability.

Platinum Labs Defcon 1 Nutrition Facts

Platinum Labs Defcon1 supplement facts

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