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Project AD AD Wellness Grazed

Project AD AD Wellness Grazed

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Product Highlights

  • 5g Greens & pH Balance Blend for Daily Vitality & Detoxification
  • 800mg Training Defense + 1.1g Support Boost Matrix for Immune & Recovery Support
  • 280mg Assimilation Factors for Aiding in Optimal Performance & Absorption
Project AD Grazed was designed to be a unique combination of muscle building
amino acids and greens super foods. It was made with athletes in mind to support
the constant stress and physical teardown associated with high intensity training
and depletion of amino acids and high markers of stress. Grazed provides premium
amino acids to fuel this recovery process as well as high potency super foods and
aid in the body’s natural immune system response. You’ll fortify the body with
natural superfoods including kale, spinach, spirulina and kelp which help balance pH
as well as provide potent antioxidants. Leaving no stone unturned, both daily
recovery and long term health are covered with Project AD Grazed.

Key Benefits

  • Promote Enhanced Recovery & Muscle Growth
  • High Potency Antioxidants and pH Balancing Ingredients
  • Promote Vitality via Adaptogens & Detoxification

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