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ProjectAD Aminotaur is the most comprehensive amino acid supplement to hit the market.  Loaded with 13 grams of amino’s per serving (both EAAs + BCAA’s) with a mix of L-Carnitine to really make this the complete recovery formula.  This is an essential part of a supplement stack for any athlete and has been designed to be the most effective in aiding muscle growth and recovery.

Utilizing a 5:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s gives you the most effective dose in order to receive the benefits of BCAA’s.  Studies have shown BCAA’s increase lean mass and increases the fat burning effects of exercise and reduce muscle wasting on low calorie diets.  Most amino acid supplements fall short with low dosing BCAA’s and not including EAA’s.

EAA’s are the amino acids that the body cannot synthesize from other amino sources.  The research on EAA’s actually suggest a much greater benefit than BCAA’s.  Studies involving EAA’s show a beneficial effect on muscle to fat loss ratio, fat loss, recovery time, reduction of soreness, reduction in fatigue, and promote a number of health markers.

Aminotaur also includes L-Carnitine to further improve fat loss and boost athletic performance.

Product Highlights

  • Loaded with 13 grams of amino acids
  • 5:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s
  • Includes EAA’s, BCAA’s, and L-Carnitine
  • The most comprehensive recovery supplement
  • Promotes lean mass gains, fat loss, and reduction in muscle breakdown

Directions for Use

Take 1 serving prior to or during workout. Ideally, sip while you workout, finishing before end of workout. Consume at least 1 serving per day. 

Customer Reviews

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William (Neenah, US)
The perfect intra?

I first started looking at Aminotaur because of the product's profile. Well dosed and full range of essential amino acids. I tried the Lemonade and Coca Cola flavor and really enjoyed the flavoring of them both. The heavy dose of amino's and supporting ingredients make this a great intra workout that helps sustain performance and stamina, and recover faster.

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