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Puritans's Pride

Puritan's Pride Complete B (B-Complex Vitamin) 100Caps

Puritan's Pride Complete B (B-Complex Vitamin) 100Caps

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Product Highlights:

  • Full Spectrum Vitamin B Formula

  • Free of Sugars, Starch and Fillers

  • Enteric Coated for Easy Swallowing

One of the simplest yet most critical vitamins out there, Vitamin B is a must for everyone to ingest on a daily basis. Crucial for supporting energy production, metabolism and nervous system health, and even immune system function, Vitamin B is a vital part of your daily life. There are multiple types of Vitamin B and Puritans Pride Vitamin B Complex combines 7 different forms for a comprehensive and complete formula that is ultra bioavailable and supports these vital functions.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports Healthy Metabolism

  • Crucial for Proper Energy Production

  • Aids in Immune System Function

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