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The importance of amino acids, concerning muscle protein synthesis, has long been accepted and validated; however, which exact amino acids at what specific ratios are the more important questions, along with what total dosage amount and when should it be consumed. We conducted a meta analysis on over 10 years of ergogenic amino acid research to bring you the most comprehensively anabolic amino acid composition available. It even outperforms whole protein.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have consistently outperformed whole protein and other mixed amino acid formulas regarding stimulating Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) and maintaining a positive net protein balance (NPB). Succinctly, AminOD utilizes 7 of the 10 EAAs, based upon the 6g composition derived from Tipton, Borsheim, et al. data and strategically merged with the ratios from Pasiakos’ studies using heightened L-Leucine content. It is devoid of L-Methionine due to life extension purposes discussed in detail below.

Whole protein, consumed either pre or post exercise, was proven inferior at enhancing muscle amino acid uptake and muscle protein balance when compared to EAA + Carbohydrate (CHO) solution taken at either of the same time-points (Tipton 2007).

Consuming this 6g mixture 1 and 2 hours post, without CHO, was also shown to be 2x more impactful on stimulating net muscle protein balance when compared to another 6g blend of EAAs and Non Essential Amino Acids (NEAAs), much like whole protein (Borsheim 2002). This study was powerful as it proved there is no need for NEAAs regarding muscle protein synthesis (MPS), only EAAs. It also let us know we could drop the 35 CHO, as it proved they had no added benefit on MPS.

Furthermore, EAAs, not NEAAs, were shown to individually stimulate MPS when administered in bolus dosages (Smith et all 1994), further sustaining that NEAAs are irrelevant.

The research speaks, a carefully designed EAA formula is more anabolic than whole protein...and a ton cheaper!

The 6g EAA composition, used by multiple researchers as depicted above, served as our base structural formula for AminOD, as it was designed specifically to mimic muscle tissue amino acid content (Borsheim, et al. 2002) and had consistent human, oral research surrounding it.

We chose to enhance the Leucine content based on Dreyer’s work showing Leucine enriched EAA + CHO formula, consumed post resistance training, increased mTOR activation leading to greater MPS (Dreyer et al. 2008).

We used another, more current, EAA composition to determine AminOD’s amino acid ratios, with the goal of enriching the L-Leucine content within our dosage. This particular 10g EAA composition with 35% Leucine elicited a 33% greater MPS response compared to another 10g identical composition with 18.6% Leucine. The other EAAs within our composition are reduced parallel to this study’s ratios, to allow 35% Leucine enrichment (Pasiakos 2011).

For inquiring minds, aromatic amino acids L-Tryptophan and L-Tyrosine do not appear within our formula, despite being essential amino acids. Researchers did not include these within their EAA spectrums possibly due to interference with anabolic branch chain amino acid (BCAA) absorption, as they compete for the same receptor, LAT1 (Large Neutral Amino Acid Transporter). The enhanced BCAA:Tryptophan ratio allows for increased BCAA transport and reduced fatigue. Additionally, Tryptophan is a precursor to Melatonin which promotes sleep; most users would find drowsiness as an unwelcome effect as this product will be consumed around training and/or throughout the day.

L-Methionine has also been omitted, by us, due to many life extension researchers’ strong contention of a direct link between heightened L-Methionine consumption and shortened lifespan (Trepanowski 2011). L-Methionine increases homocysteine, which leads to cardiovascular disease and increased mortality rate. Also, it is the most vulnerable amino acid to oxidation by reactive oxygen species and causes mitachondrial DNA damage. Also, as mentioned earlier, Smith’s work assures us individual EAAs alone spur MPS, further solidifying our decision.

Also of note, BCAA’s have been shown to be anabolic on their own, especially mTOR stimulating L-Leucine, as well as fatigue delaying (Blomstrand 2006). BCAAs compete for the same receptor as Aromatic Amino Acids (AAAs)(tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine), therefore, consuming bolus amounts of BCAAs would increase your chances for their absorption over the AAAs. Increasing the blood BCAA pool would lessen the the amount of L-Tryptophan the brain can take up, thereby reducing melatonin production and reducing fatigue.

There’s no wrong time to take AminOD. Based on the findings outlined below, we recommend consuming multiple servings per day, inside and outside of your workout window.

Tipton, et. al. showed that our base 6g EAA composition + 35g CHO, consumed pre workout, stimulated amino acid delivery and uptake, hence MPS, greater than when the solution was consumed postworkout (Tipton 2001).

The same 6g EAA composition was 2x more impactful at stimulating net protein balance compared to a mixed NEAA solution (3g EAA+3gNEAA) when consumed at 60 and 120 minutes post resistance exercise (Borsheim 2002).

EAA + CHO consumed 60 minutes post resistance training was shown to increase mTOR signaling and MPS (Dreyer 2008).

More recently, Pasiakos showed a 10g Leucine-enriched EAA solution, consumed intra workout, elicited increased MPS.

The above research provides evidence for effectively taking a serving of AminOD PRE workout, INTRA workout, and/or again at 1 and 2 hours POST resistance exercise. Maximize muscle protein synthesis by consuming a serving of AminOD pre workout as well as at 1 and 2 hours post workout.

Whether using AminOD as a muscle protein synthesis enhancing, recovery accelerating workout adjunct or simply as an amino-acid-rich flavor burst to your daily water intake, AminOD is the anytime anabolic. Used PRE, INTRA, POST, or a combination thereof, ensure maximal protein synthesis and muscle recovery by bathing your muscles in AminOD. It is more anabolic than whole protein AND substantially cheaper. Welcome to the next generation, enthusiastically provided to you by Purus Labs.

Purus Labs AminOD Nutrition Facts

Purus Labs AminOD Nutrition Facts

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Decent Taste

Don't buy it for the taste it's really not that great. I bought it for the function of the product which is pretty research backed if you look into the individual amino acids and their function.