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Purus Labs BCAA XR (150 Caps)

Advanced Branched Chain Aminos

Each capsule of BCAA XR includes two different types of amino beads. One is immediately broken down to provide a spike in amino acids, while the other survives the harsh acids in your stomach for approximately 60 minutes (normal duration of exercise) and then begins breaking down. This provides the amino acids that your body needs pre, intra, and post workout eliminating the need to dose at different times around your workout.

BCAA's are essential for muscle growth and recovery. They also increase endurance and reduce fatigue by lowering seratonin and dopamine levels within your body. These two chemicals create a feeling of relaxation and contentment, not what you want when you are about to crush some weights. BCAA's lower these chemicals by competing for the same brain receptor sites, so the more BCAA's you consum, the less your body will absorb and the less fatigue you will experience. BCAA's have also been shown to lead to muscle growth by increasing muscle protein synthesis due to the leucine content increasing mTor, which regulates cell growth.

Take one serving of BCAAXR® pre, intra or post workout to heighten muscle protein synthesis and speed recovery. 1/2 the capsule is released immediately and the other 1/2 60 minutes later. There is no upper limit for usage. Intended for healthy adults over the of 18. Always consult with a physician before use.

Purus Labs BCAA XR Nutrition Facts

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