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Purus Labs Creagyn

The Second Coming of Noxygen

  • Amazing Pumps
  • Small Scoop Size
  • No Stomach Discomfort or Bloating
  • Mixes Easily With Pre or Intra Workout

Did you love the amazing pumps that you got from Noxygen? Creagyn is a new and improved Noxygen with Magnesium Creatine Chelate. Creagyn contains 1.5g of Hydromax Glycerol, which is the key to the pump inducing, vein popping effects which you may have experienced with Noxygen.

What makes Creagyn different?

Creagyn contains Magnesium Creatine Chelate. This is a new form of creatine with no loading phase, stomach discomfort, or bloating; conditions which have been associated with creatine monohydrate and other forms of creatine. Creatine Chelate increases the ability of the body to synthesize and regenerate ATP, allowing you to recover faster and move more weight faster.

Purus Labs Creagyn Nutrition Facts

Creagyn Nutrition Facts

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Great Pumps!

I love this product for the muscle pumps and the added creatine. Great combo.