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Purus Labs Probiotic (30 Caps)

Purus Labs Probiotic (30 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 10 Strain Probiotic Formula for Balanced Biome
  • 50 Billion CFU per Serving for Maximum Efficiency
  • Free of Fillers & Non-Essential Ingredients
When it comes to optimizing your overall performance, it goes deeper than protein
and pre-workout. If the vital systems of the human body aren’t functioning optimally
and in tune, everything else will be off as well. That is why Purus Labs Probiotic was
created as part of their Foundation Series. Formulated to address healthy gut
microbiome balance, Purus Labs Probiotic will help address the demanding needs
of the digestive system. Not only will it help with how you feel after eating, but
having a healthy gut microbiome also is vital for immune system health and overall
vitality. Balance your gut and make the most of every day, starting with the inside
out with Purus Labs Probiotic as the base.

Key Benefits

  • Helps Support Immune System Health
  • Aids in Optimizing Digestion
  • Promotes Maximum Nutrient Assimilation

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