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Quest Cereal Protein Bar (15 Bars)

Product Highlights

  • Whey & Milk Protein Isolates
  • Features Allulose
  • Contains No Gluten Containing Ingredients
  • 110 calories/bar
  • 12g protein/bar
  • 4.5g fat/bar
  • 3g Net Carbs/bar

Chances are that if you’ve ever stepped foot into a gym, nutrition store, airport, grocery store, convenience store or browsed the Internet at all, you’re more than familiar with Quest Nutrition and their legendary Quest bars. Redefining the protein bar market single handedly from being high fat, sugar loaded bars that were basically candy bars with a thin disguise, into a to a high quality whey protein, low carb and low sugar cheat meal without the cheat.

Not being one to rest on past achievement, Quest is proud to introduce Beyond Cereal Bars. While regular cereal may be delicious, it’s made of grains and refined sugars while Beyond Cereal Bars are made from protein. Using high quality milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate, Beyond Cereal Bars have taken the treat you loved as a kid and transformed it from a sugary comfort food into a protein packed snack that you have grown to love and expect from Quest Nutrition.

Beyond Cereal Bars are also the first to feature Allulose, a sweetener that has all the taste and texture of sugar without the extra calories! With 70% the sweetness of regular sugar and only 1/10 the calories, Allulose is a great sweetener alternative that not only sweetens, but has the potential to improve insulin resistance and has anti-oxidant properties. Don’t be alarmed if you see the sugars on the label as Allulose is listed under sugars in the supplement facts!

Supplement Facts

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