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*** We build our own variety packs! Unfortunately, we cannot buy pre-made variety packs, so we put them together ourselves. Variety packs come in clear plastic bags and not official Quest packaging. Each bar is individually wrapped. ***

They said that this protein bar couldn’t be made but we finally did it. It’s a healthy food that makes no compromises. Just read our ingredients and you’ll see. 6g Non-Fiber Carbs. 20g High Quality Protein. Gluten Free. No Sugar or Sugar Alcohols Used. The only protein bar with a perfect nutritional profile. Quest is the first bar you can eat guilt free. To bring you a bar this healthy and this tasty, we had to create a whole new process for making bars. Quest is so revolutionary, in fact, that we’ve filed a patent. That’s why you won’t see anything else like it on the market. Quest is the first truly low car bar that doesn’t contain glycerin, simple carbs, uses no sugar, and no sugar alcohols. Quest bars are the only bars that you can eat without feeling guilty. Never compromise! Suppz is the place to buy Quest Protein Bar supplements online with the best prices and customer service on the web.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mark N. (Woodridge, US)

I've been a fan of Quest Bars for a while, I used to really like the Apple Pie before it got discontinued. My current favorites are the white chocolate raspberry and the birthday cake.

kevin munroe (Lowell, US)
Quest Bar order

Love the new quest bars. Previously I would always order the Peanut butter supreme but they were out so I ordered the vanilla almond crunch. My new favorite flavor and I love the fact that they are delivered right to my door step. I do recommend Suppz to anybody I know that says they like the Quest bars.

Kimberly Chatfield (Elmwood Park, US)
Best Price, Great Service, Variety Pack Needs Full Variety

Quest Bars are my go-to means of getting high protein in a low carb bar. I love the variety of flavors. I especially like that Suppz offers a variety pack. This time I ordered 2 12-packs of the 12-bar variety. Initially I was a bit concerned upon opening the first package, because there were basically 3 bars each of only 4 varieties, and in past orders I had gotten at least 9 or 10 different flavors in the hand-packaged variety pack. Upon opening the second variety pack, I saw there were another 3 bars each of 4 flavors that differed from the flavors in the first variety pack, so I did wind up with 24 bars in eight different flavors. Perhaps those are the only 8 flavors they had in stock. Not sure if that was intentional by the person who processed/filled the order or not. I really preferred the idea of getting the broadest variety of flavors to try, because then I do order full boxes of the flavors that I like. Shipping is fast and well packaged. Can't wait for the peanut butter brownie smash flavor to come back into stock, which I discovered in last spring's variety pack order!

HMick (Champaign, US)
Quest Bars Are The Best!

I love Quest bars, and have note had a bad flavor since they revamped them all. That being said the old flovors did have some bad ones, such as Chocolar Peanut Butter (New Chocolate Peanut Butter is great though). The pictures on this site look like the old ones, but I think these are just oudated. My favorite flavor is Maple Waffle.

Cassandra (Minneapolis, US)
Best by date was day delivered

Bar selection was good, however bars were not fresh. One bar had a beat by date that was the day of deliver and over half had a best by date that was within a week. I wouldn’t purchase again for that reason.

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