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RedCon1 Cluster Bomb (30 Servings)

Intra-Workout Carbs - Grow Faster

  • Increase Energy
  • Eliminate Soreness
  • Improve Recovery
  • Grow Faster

Intra-Workout Carbs? Never heard of them? Well, they might just be your new best friend. Supplementing during your workout can be so beneficial, in more than just one way. Think about it, if you’re providing your body and muscles carbs during your workout, you are constantly fueling yourself with energy to keep yourself going. You’re also providing your muscles the ability to grow faster, and recover quicker when you supplement with carbs during your workout. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Recovering quicker, and growing faster? Not convinced? Think about it this way: Cluster Bomb is full of 25g of Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin in every scoop. That means that in one scoop, you are getting 25g of highly advanced, and fast absorbing carbs to fuel your body - in other words you are fueling your body with 25g of extremely high quality carbs. And you’re doing this during the most important time of the day: during your workout. Why not give your body the carbs it needs to keep going during a workout? To not take Cluster Bomb, is just ridiculous.

Cluster Bomb Supplement Facts

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