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RedCon1 Double Tap

RedCon1 Double Tap

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Product Highlights:

  • 1g Acetyl L Carnitine + 300mg Caffeine for Enhanced Energy & Cognition
  • 200mg Dandelion Root to Help Shed Excess Water
  • 500mg Green Tea Extract for Enhanced Lipolysis & Antioxidant Support
Redcon Double Tap is designed to help you melt off that undesired body fat
faster than ever. Featuring ingredients for enhancing cognition, focus and
overall feel good, mood boosting, you can forget about the diet fog and lack
of energy. You’ll also have the deck stacked in your favor for a double edge
sword approach of enhanced lipolysis (fat burning) and shedding excess
water, making your fat loss efforts noticeable that much faster. We all want
to lose fat quick, and now when you have you training and nutrition on point,
Double Tap can accelerate the process even harder!

Key Benefits:

  • Supports Enhanced Fat Loss
  • Improved Energy & Cognition
  • Helps Shed Excess Water
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