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Rich Piana 5%

Rich Piana 5% Core L-Gluitamine 5000 (60 Servings)

Rich Piana 5% Core L-Gluitamine 5000 (60 Servings)

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Product Highlights:

  • 5g of Pure Glutamine per Serving
  • Outstanding Value – 100 Servings of Glutamine per Container!
  • Absolutely No Fillers or Unnecessary Ingredients
The most abundant amino acid in the human body, glutamine is a key
element of maximizing your performance. From hard training, glutamine
levels in the body can be lowered, resulting in reduced recovery, and
suboptimal recovery. By using 5% Nutrition Core Glutamine, you’ll replenish
the natural glutamine levels in the body and provide support for recovery,
immune system health and assist with gut health. Simplicity reigns supreme
with 5% Nutrition Core Glutamine, the high-value and easy way to
supplement extra glutamine on a daily basis.

Key Benefits:

  • Replenish Natural Glutamine Levels
  • Promote Enhanced Recovery & Muscle Repair
  • Support Immune & Digestive Health

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