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Serious Sports Nutrition EPI-125

Serious Sports Nutrition EPI-125

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Product Highlights

  • 125mg Per Serving of The Potent Muscle Builder Epicatechin
  • 100% Natural Muscle Building Formula
  • Promote Enhanced Muscle Growth
We all are looking for the next edge when it comes to getting the most out of our
training. We can have our programming down to a ‘T’, prioritize recovery and make sure that our nutrition is on point, but even then, having more of an edge never hurts. Enter Epi-125 from Serious Sports Nutrition. This premium product features
125mg of epicatechin per serving for promoting enhanced muscle growth,
accelerated recovery and overall, faster results. Get the edge the natural way with
Epi-125 from the SEROIOUS brand in sports nutrition.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Muscle Growth
  • Accelerated Recovery
  • Completely Natural Formula
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