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Sinister Labs Angry Mills Spreads & Powders

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Protein Infused Spreads

Sinister Labs brings you Angry Mills Peanut & Almond spreads, protein infused spreads designed to fuel athletes. Angry Mills features delicious flavors such as white chocolate and caramel to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet. The protein source in the Angry Mills spreads is whey protein isolate, the most pure form of whey protein available. Because Angry Mills uses whey protein as it's protein source, it digests faster and more easily than other forms of protein. In addition, Angry Mills offers a caffeinated (and non-caffeinated) version of their spreads for that extra energy kick should you need it.

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Protein Infused Powders

Angry Mills peanut powders are perfect for the athlete on the go. These powders are are the most convenient way to add protein to your meals along with the tasty flavor of peanut butter. Take it with you and add it to your protein shakes and other meals. Choose the caffeinated powder to add an energy kick along with the great taste and nutrition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

ALl I have to say it try one you cant go wrong. A friend told me to try the killer caramel and I wasn't disappointed . Not too many extra ingredients and that's a plus. Great taste, I put it on aples and its a nice combo.Try it and see for yourself !


First time trying a powder peanut butter mixes really well and tastes great !


Absolutely the best spread out there caffeinated non-caffeinated there a must-try flavors try them all they're all amazing. Chocolate chaos BEST


I tried the White Chocolate Caffeinated Peanut Butter for the first time ever! I was intrigued by the low amount of ingredients in the product but when I first opened it I realized the texture was not completely smooth and I was hesitant. I took a small taste before spreading it on my whole wheat toast with breakfast, and it was delicious! It also gave me a feeling of energy too, from the caffeine. Overall I love it and am happy to have a new addition to my healthy spreads. Now I want to try the caramel!