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Sparta Nutrition Spartan Hard V2 (60 Tabs)

Lean Mass Gainer & Hardening Agent

Who doesn't want a more lean, hard physique? Most of us, if given the option, desire a cut and dry look. It's what bodybuilding and physique competitors shoot for to be "show ready" so they can convert all of their hard earned muscle mass into something to really wow the crowd and judges. Spartan Hard gives us just that. Spartan hard includes two potent compounds for gaining leand muscle and keeping a dry, lean look to that muscle. But it's not just one of your run of the mill leaning compounds. Spartan Lean is a no-nonsense formula with just 2 highly effective, highly dosed compounds of 1 Andro and Epiandro. Sparta cuts no corners with this compound by including 2x the average industry dose of these compounds! Bottom line, if you want to gain lean, hard muscle and you want to do it fast and legally, there is no better product than Spartan Hard.

Product Highlights

  • Contains 1-Andro, the most potent, legal muscle builder on the market
  • Contains Epiandro, the best legal compound for improving strength, muscle hardness, and libido
  • Spartan Hard includes 2x the average industry dose of these compounds to optimize your cycle time

Warning: Spartan Hard is a prohormone. This means that these ingredients do convert to active hormones in your body and do require a proper post cycle therapy after. Check our blog post for more info.

Spartan Hard Supplement Facts

spartan hard supplement facts