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Steel Charged AF

Charge your workout with Steel Charged AF! This pre-workout features a supercharged formula with DMHA & Orchilean, two potent stimulants that among the highest rated energy ingredients available. Also featured are clinical dosages of both Beta-Alanine & Citrulline for a premium workout experience. Top it off with N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and Huperzine for focus and you've got the formula for one of the best pre-workout powders in the industry. Take your workout to the next level with Charged AF!

Product Highlights

  • Best in class energy
  • Intense focus for mind/muscle connection
  • Incredible pumps & enhanced blood flow
  • Improved endurance for the toughest workouts

Ingredient Breakdown

  • DMHA (as Ruglans Regia extract) - DMHA is the reigning king of legal stimulants. This provides intense energy unlike anything else in the supplement industry & also adds an element in both the mood/euphoria & focus departments. 
  • Orchilean - Derived from orchids, this is another potent energy ingredient that will take your energy to the next level. Combined with DMHA, this is a potent 1-2 punch. 
  • L-Citrulline - This nitric oxide booster converts to Arginine better than Arginine supplementation. Increased levels of L-Arginine lead to better pumps & vascularity and improves blood flow. 
  • Beta-Alanine - Supplementation with Beta-Alanine has been shown to lead to increased strength and endurance with continued use. 
  • L-Theanine - This amino acid provides a mild calming effect which takes the edge off of stimulants and reduces feelings of jitteryness. When combined with Caffeine provides a synergistic nootropic effect. 
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine - Improves focus. The Acetyl version is superior to regular L-Tyrosine in terms of uptake and absorption. 

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Great stufff
Great pump!
Great product!