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Cellucor Super HD Razor (112 Caps)

No Jitters….only Results

Slash fat without the need of added stimulants!

Cellucor brings up a new version of its popular fat burning formula, Super HD, with Super HD Razor. Super HD Razor brings up all the great fat burning and appetite suppressing effects without the added caffeine. Super HD Razor is a very versatile fat burner that will allow users to either stack Super HD Fire and Razor, or even use a pre workout while on it.

You’ll get a more natural energetic experience from Super HD Razor as it uses Tonalin CLA to help with your energy metabolism. Synetrim CQ has been clinically tested and proves to inhibit the absorption of fats and carbohydrates from food. Not only will you be able to preserve that lean mass you worked so hard to build, but you’ll also be decreasing the number of fat cells in your body.

Product Highlights:

  • Cut fat and suppress appetite without caffeine
  • Fatty acids to provide natural energy
  • Eliminate fat cells
  • Preserve muscle

Ingredient breakdown:

  • Tonalin CLA - aid in energy metabolism to help you utilize the fat stored in your body as well as maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Synetrim CQ- helps get and keep you lean due to its ability to prevent fat and carbs from being absorbed.
  • Carnitine Titrate- improve fat metabolism. Speeds up recovery time from intense bouts of exercise.
  • BioPerine- aids in the absorption of nutrients.

Super HD Razor Supplement Facts

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