TLM Research M1 30Servings Grape

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TLM Research set out to create a powerful pre-workout that only requires the use of 1 scoop. Needless to say, they succeeded!

What's Inside

TLM loaded M1 with a variety of stimulants. Offering 400mg of caffiene, on top of Higenamine, Dendrobium, Alpha Yohimbine, Synepherine, Hordenine. This long list will provide the energy you need in 1 scoop!

M1 includes Choline Bitartrate for improved memory, brain health and cognition.

When it comes to the pump, TLM is using L-Arginine in M1. L-Arginine is a potent Nitric Oxide booster used to provide massive muscle pumps!

Supplement Facts

M1 Supplement Facts

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