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Universal Animal Nitro (44 Packets)

Universal Animal Nitro (44 Packets)

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Universal Animal Nitro

Essential amino acids and Branch chain amino acids are great stimulators in building more muscle. Just as important, they are also great at preventing muscle loss (catabolism). Build some new muscle mass with Animal Nitro!

  • Stimulate more muscle growth
  • Prevent catabolism (muscle loss)
  • Great amino acid blend (EAAs and BCAAs)
  • Boost protein synthesis
  • Improve rate of recovery after workouts
  • Get better results!

Recommended Use: After lifting, there is a critical anabolic window of opportunity that exists. To take advantage of this window, take 1 pack within 15-30 minutes after lifting. Even better, take 2 packs on your training days - the first pre-workout, right before lifting, and the second post-workout. If you use a post-workout protein shake, then take the Animal Nitro pack first, and then wait at least another 30-45 minutes before drinking that shake. When possible, take Animal Nitro on an empty stomach, preferably with 8 oz. of grape or other fruit juice. To keep it as fresh as possible, store this product in a cool dry place away from excessive heat, moisture, or sunlight. You know the drill.
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